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We are a young furnisher for the education sector and the result of a merger between two established furnishing companies. A Dutch manufacturer: innovative, sustainable, close-by and caring.

We have developed stunning solutions in products, concepts and service for all types of education. We want to contribute to the quality of education by creating adequate and creative interiors.

EromesMarko has close collaborations with other parties surrounding the education sector such as educational consultancy agencies, architects, fellow suppliers and other educational experts. The Rolf Group and Knapvilla are two examples of these collaborations. Do you want to co-create with us? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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EromesMarko in pCon

As of the 1st of June a large section of the EromesMarko range will be available in the library of the pConPLANNER interior design program, making it very easy for you to apply EromesMarko products in your designs for educational institutes.

For those who are not working with pCon yet: a free download of this program is available here. The useful tutorials allow you to get started right away. We are very interested in your experiences and suggestions for improvements. Please share them with our sales team?

In addition to the pConPLANNER library, more and more parts of our range in DWG are becoming available for use in other drawing programs. These are available under ‘Downloads’ on our website.



In cooperation with Büro Albers from Papenburg, EromesMarko has decorated a first adaptive classroom in the Eichenwallschule in Leer, Germany. In the old monumental school building, surrounded by a wood of oak trees, the students are being educated with the latest learning equipment, and that reflects on the outstanding school results. Thanks to the engagement  of the teachers and the passionate school directors, the development of the personal talents of each child is stimulated maximally. At this advanced  Apple primary school there is room for research and social interaction.

The new decoration exists of, among other, the Multi wall cabinet, a smart cabinet that is not only used for storage for learning material! The cabinet also serves as a sliding wall for the colourful bulletin boards and the two-sided whiteboards of the EM-Line collection. In addition, the maximum flexibility is guaranteed by the use of movable solid core triangular tables and Flex – Gripz – cantilever seats. The innovative design of this learning world, from which the oak leaf as a visual is also part of, gives a fresh feeling of pleasure, which is very important for the successful and active learning.

Feel free to make an appointment with us or mr. Popken, director of the Eichenwallschule, to exchange experiences or to find the motives for the innovative thinking.
Visit the website  https://eichenwallschule.de/lernwelten-in-klasse-3b-fertig-gestellt/ for more information.


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Produced entirely in the Netherlands!

EromesMarko is very proud of the production sites in Wijchen, Hoogeveen and Emmen (the Netherlands).

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Interior studio

EromesMarko has its own studio with interior designers and interior architects. They can translate your wishes and ideas into an inspiring design. Want to know how that works? Click here.